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Email Marketing

Send your advertising by email to 2000 customers up to 6 times a month for FREE!

All you pay is the design or account management. See our packages below.

Experienced business people know that it is easier and cheaper to keep your existing customers than it is finding new ones. Studies have shown that it costs five times as much to find a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. Email Marketing is a relationship builder and a way to drive revenue, and deliver the results for your business. Drive customers to your facebook page, website or your latest product ordering page, or ask them to take part in a survey.


Some Email Marketing Stats

1.     44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email. (

2.     33% of email recipients open email based on subject line alone. (

3.     Roughly half of an email list will be active – either opening or clicking on emails. (Epsilon)


We offer affordable email marketing designs and account management for small to medium sized businesses. Your customers check their inbox all day, every day. You're sure to reach them with an eye catching email campaign.


How it works

You could have valuable customer data sitting on your computer. If so we'll get it organised. If not we'll help you get started collecting your customer data from your website or in-house.


Email Marketing Packages

Account set-up £35

We will assist you in setting up your email account, migrating and organising any existing contacts you have, setting up your first template and create an auto-responder for people who sign up to your lists.

This email platform can grow with you but it is FREE to use with up to 2000 email subscribers. This means you can send up to 6 separate emails per month or more if you have less than 2000 customer emails.  If you have more than 2000 subscribers there are lost cost packages to suit your company. Call us to find out more. 

Design, Write and Send My Email from £40.00

What will you get: 

+ One -off highly specific campaign or reusable template for regular communications such as a weekly newsletter.
+ A creative email template with your branding and colour scheme

+ Rich reporting which will show you opens and clicks, who opens your campaigns, when and how many times. 
+ Advise on wording your emails to make them less likely to get caught in the JUNK folder
+ Advise on the tone of the emails and call-to-action buttons

Build Your Lists

No list? No problem. We make it easy to build a list from scratch or help you grow your email list and manage contacts. SM Marketing provide a well structured and professional email capturing service.


Customer contact details are valuable data for your business to keep your

customers returning. It only takes a few simple systems implemented to your

business and your off. Let us worry about receiving the data from you on a weekly

or monthly basis. We'll keep it simple.


You can collect as little or as much as you want. All we need for email marketing

is an email address from your customer.


When collecting other details bare in mind that customers are not fond of filling

in information unless they are receiving something in return. Simply collect

your customers email address, first and last name, address, town/city, postcode,

mobile, land line.



We can help set-up a few data-capture systems in-house, at your cashier points, through loyalty schemes, competitions and more.  These can be simple paper based capture forms and after collected you can input the details to an excel spreadsheet and send to us. We will handle the rest of the technical changes from there.  If you don't fancy typing we also offer this service (£20 for every 100 emails), just get the forms to us by post or scanned documents. If you need help with spreadsheets we can provide this service complimentary and train you your staff.

Sign Up from Social Media

Run a competition or a special offer and ask customers for their email address and name through facebook, twitter and other platforms.

Sign Up form from your website

A singular small edit/update to your website where we will be adding a piece

of code from your email marketing campaign that will display your newsletter sign-up form. This automatically imports your customers emails into your email account. No databases to maintain or type out.

Source external B2B lists by category:

Get your campaign off to an amazing start! We can help you target large firms in a specific market related to your product or service. Data can include Email address, Contact name, Job title, Company name, address, telephone number. So not only useful for email marketing, use this for direct mail or tele-marketing


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Community service/centres/groups
Business chamber/trade federations
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Recreation & Kids
Travel and Tourism
Banking and Finance
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